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All About The Cookoo Smart Watch


Smartwatches are all the rage because of the convenience they bring to people. Nobody wants to look at their phone each time they get an email notification, and they no longer have to. A smartwatch gives people the ability to simply glance at their wrist and find out what notifications are causing their phone to vibrate. They can check text messages, emails, and even control the camera function on their phone with the smartwatch. Many of them even have pedometers and heart rate monitors so people can keep track of their physical exercise and make sure they are meeting their daily goal.

However, some smartwatches are much different than others on the market. Most of them have a bright screen that looks something like cell phone screens. Some people don’t want this futuristic appearance to their watch, and they prefer ones that look more traditional. This is why many companies have taken to producing smartwatches with circular faces and less noticeable features. Take the cookoo watch for example; this watch looks like a regular wristwatch, yet it has many features that people want. It allows people to check messages, accept phone calls, check their calendar and even set alarms. This watch also has a feature that allows someone to check the battery life on their phone so they can try to conserve its battery. The cookoo watch is a popular one because of these features, but it doesn’t provide someone with a screen that’s capable of viewing images or videos. The screen is more pixelated and is comparable to an old Gameboy screen, but it still has useful features.connectedevice-cookoo-smartwatch

The Cookoo Watch Overall

This watch may seem primitive to people who are looking for the most advanced technology on the market, but this is because it has a very reasonable price. At the time of wrting this the cookoo watch price is $129.99, which is substantially lower than many of the other smartwatches on the market. Many in this price range don’t even have the ability to provide the notifications that people are looking to get. Those who are looking to buy cookoo watch should check out websites like eBay and Amazon, they can likely find one that has been used and is even cheaper than the retail price.

One of the main things that people like about this watch is that it will alert someone when their phone has gone out of range. There’s no more losing track of a cell phone when connected to an advanced smartwatch like this one. Also, because the screen doesn’t have as vivid of a display as some people like, the battery life is extremely long. It runs on a lithium-ion battery that won’t need to be plugged in for it to continue working. This is a very positive factor of this watch for people who are concerned about battery life; many smartwatches can barely make it through one day without being charged again. The battery itself should last for about one year before it needs to be replaced, which is amazing news to people who are tired of their smartwatch dying all the time.

In addition to having an extended battery life, the watch is also waterproof and can be worn while someone is in the shower or jumping in the pool. This feature is another amazing thing that many other smartwatches don’t have. If someone spills a drink, there’s a good chance that the liquid will be splashed all over their arms. A traditional smartwatch will need to be removed and dried right away, but one like the cookoo will be just fine.

While many people enjoy this watch thoroughly, one of the major downfalls of it is that it’s only compatible with Apple devices right now. The company claims they are working on Android connection capability, but it hasn’t become reality yet. Once this watch is able to pair with both Android and Apple phones, it will surely gain much more popularity.

What Do People Think About The Cookoo Watch?

Those who are thinking about buying this watch are probably interested in reading a cookoo watch review from an actual customer. There are many review websites that provide these, though; one can even find reviews on YouTube that show more views of the watch they are thinking about buying. Seeing someone play with and handle the watch can give someone a much better idea of what it’s capable of. However, if someone is wondering about the actual experience with the watch, they will need to read what other people are saying about it. Many people buy a watch and wear it for a few days before they offer their opinion on the internet, and a potential buyer can take advantage of this information.

The biggest complaint about the cookoo smart watch is that it cannot pair with Android devices. While many people have Apple phones, there are just as many Android users and many of them want a simple smartwatch just like this one. Despite the simplicity of this watch and the pairing capabilities, many people are very happy with their purchase. Check this watch out if you’re looking for something that’s not so modern looking, but still provides all of the capabilities you’re looking for.

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