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The Smartwatches of the Future: Why LG is Making Some of the Best Smartwatches on the Market


Anyone born before 1985 knows how important it is to have both a stylish and functional watch, but millennials have eschewed traditional wristwatches for their smartphones and smartwatches like the Apple Watch. However, the smartwatches made by technological giants like Apple and Google have not caught on because they lack true functionality and, more importantly, are incredibly expensive. Consumers shouldn’t have to overpay to have a watch that comes with additional features and that’s why LG has introduced several of their own smartwatches that are stylish, functional, and far more affordable than their competitors.

The G Smartwatch: The Perfect Introduction

Heading the charge is the lg g smartwatch, which is sleek, comfortable, and available at just the right price. It comes with a 400 mAh battery, which means it can be used the entire day on just a single charge. It can display all types of important information and it comes with a Google voice function that will easily allow users to search the internet for whatever is on their minds. Everything is displayed in on a crystal clear LCD screen and the strap can even be customized to fit the owners personality and style. It is a great option for those who are always on the go and want something that is simple and easy-to-use.

The Smartwatch R: A Combination Of Functionality And Style

For traditionalists who want a watch that actually looks like a watch, the lg smartwatch r is one of the best watches available. It not only comes with all of the features of the G Smartwatch, but it is also designed with a full circle P-OLED display that perfectly captures the look of an elegant wristwatch. However, despite its classic look, the Smartwatch R’s display can seamlessly switch between its traditional display to a a beautiful digital display that rivals top-of-the-line smartphones and far more expensive smartwatches.

The Smartwatch R can check text messages, schedule important reminders, and can even be used to look at weather updates. Every lg smartwatch review is unanimous in praising the Smartwatch R’s features, which means it can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.

The Urbane: The Luxury Model That Everyone Deserves LG-Samsung-smartwatches

Wristwatches used to be viewed as essential accessories to anyone who wanted to look respectable and while many people nowadays no longer find it necessary to wear a traditional wristwatch, there are those who still like the idea of wearing a watch because they find it both useful and aesthetically pleasing. For those who want a watch that combines the timeless look of an elegant wristwatch with the modern functionality of LG’s smartwatches, the lg urbane is the absolute best smartwatch on the market.

At first glance, the Urbane looks exactly like a watch that would be featured in a high-end fashion magazine. It is crafted with stainless steel and comes with a gold or silver finish, which means it is guaranteed to What truly makes the lg smartwatch urbane special is how innovative it is, as a simple swipe of the finger can switch the Urbane from a traditional wristwatch to a state-of-the-art smartwatch.

Like several other of LG’s smartwatches, the Urbane comes with a powerful battery (410mAh to be exact) that ensures it can operate at maximum capacity throughout the day. It comes with all of the other features that can be found on every LG smartwatch, which means users can do everything from ask Google random questions to find directions to wherever they need to go. The Urbane combines style, functionality, and innovation in an incredibly attractive package and it is a fantastic option for those who are currently looking for a smartwatch.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

There are several smartwatches available that are made by some of the best companies in the world, but every lg smartwatch review makes it easy to see that LG’s line of products offers a variety of desirable features that consumers want in a smartwatch. Every one of LG’s smartwatches is reasonably priced and can be fully customized in order to give each watch a distinct look. Consumers should never have to overspend just to get the absolute best and by buying one of LG’s smartwatches, people will get exactly what they are paying for.

LG is one of the most respected tech companies in the world and that is why they are committed to making products that appeal to all types of consumers. Whether it is the G, R, or Urbane, LG has smartwatches that appeal to everyone from tech geeks to people who want a beautiful wristwatch that has smartphone capabilities. Consumers deserve to get the most bang for their buck and it seems pretty evident that any one of LG’s smartwatches can easily compete with the products that are sold by companies like Apple and Google.

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