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The Sony Smartwatch: What You Need to Know


The Band Design

The Sony SmartWatch comes in a couple of different band designs. The basic model has a rubber strap. Both black and yellow straps are available in the standard model. However, people who want to add extra color or style to their watch can purchase the extra accessory strap packages if desired. The rubber strap of the base model is flexible and lightweight, but it does give the watch the look of a fitness device like a Jawbone.

The high end version features a steel link band. While more expensive, this version looks far more like a traditional watch than the rubber base model does. The sony smartwatch 3 steel is sleek and simple. It is perhaps best suited for casual wear because it will give a bit of style to nearly any outfit. The steel band looks equally good with most business suits as well. The design is lightweight, even with the steel band. The links can be professionally adjusted at a jewelry store to get the ideal fit.

The Display

The sony smartwatch 3 features a 1.6 inch screen with 320 x 320 resolution. The LCD screen, while impressive technology, does not quite match the AMOLED technology found on the newest Samsung and Asus watches. The result of the transflective screen is that the color ends up being less than vibrant. However, the trade off is that the watch is quite easy to see clearly while outdoors. This is a significant advantage since other LCD screens can be challenging to see in direct sunlight in many cases. The viewing angles are moderately good according to most reviewers. While it can be a bit difficult to see the display from angles of 45 degrees or greater, turning the display brightness up to full power may help alleviate this issue.

The GPS Tracking

One of the things that many people are willing to pay the sony smartwatch 3 price is that the watch includes an accurate GPS connectivity system. For people who are avid fitness buffs, this is a big plus. Dragging a smartphone around on long jogs, walks, or workouts can be frustrating and cumbersome and this smartwatch can make all the difference. This Sony smartwatch works with the Runkeeper and MyTracks apps, and it is likely that more apps will come on board for smartwatch support in the near future thanks to the popularity of these watches.

The Hardware

The sony smartwatch 3 features some impressive hardware stats. A full 4GB of storage is included. The watch works on a quad core processor: 1.2 GHz Arm A7. This is an ultra powerful processor that the current Android system can’t even take full advantage of as yet. However, this bodes very well for the future. It may mean that Sony SmartWatch owners are able to use all the Android apps as they continue to expand, with no hardware upgrade required. The watch features both NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, that hardware is mainly there for the future since there are no features that require it right now. Overall, the hardware packs more than enough punch to take care of anything a user could want now and well into the future.

Android Wear

Since Android Wear is standard for a number of different smartwatches today, the user experience is remarkably easy for anyone who has used this Google OS before. While the Android Wear platform is still evolving, it is showing signs of being a very useful and impressive system for people who use the Sony SmartWatch or the other Android Wear watches like the Moto 360. One thing that users often mention in reviews is the excellent traffic update app that texts updates of traffic delays based upon current location.

The Battery

Battery life is something that is a prime concern to any mobile phone or smartwatch user, and in this area the Sony SmartWatch really shines. The 420mAh battery housed in the watch is the largest on the Android Wear SmartWatch market today. The maximum battery life is quoted as being two full days. As long as there is not constant use of apps and continual battery draining actions there is no problem achieving the full battery life for most users.

The Charger

The charger is a big benefit because it is a simple micro USB. This eliminates the requirement for an extra charger completely and makes the watch much easier to just grab and go. The only complaint regarding charging is that some users find it difficult to position the charger properly on the stainless steel version of the smartwatch. Overall, charging the watch is generally considered incredibly easy by most reviewers.

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